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Stampede2011 @ PokeSkies Amandala
- Posted Jul 23, 18

PokeSkies is now Officially Released!

Thank you to everyone who logs in and supports us during our first ever map! We hope you have a great time on the server because we loved making it. This post contains general information about Suggestions, Applications, Events, Tournaments, etc. 

Important Links

Server Address:

Donation Store:

Server Discord:


To make PokeSkies exciting we are aiming to add Events and Tournaments to the server whenever possible! Events can be tasks or minigames and tournaments will place players against eachother in battles to find the ultimate trainer! All events and tournaments will be announced on the Discord. Make sure to watch for them!


We want to make this server what the community wants! To do this we NEED suggestions for updates in the future and changes to the current game. Place all suggestions in the #suggestions of the Discord or make a thread on the forums under Suggestions.

Staff Applications

We are looking for staff members and builders! If your are a mature, active, and knowledgeable trainer then consider applying! In order to have a higher chance to be accepted, make sure to put in as much detail as possible. Apply Here!

We are also looking for the following: Developers and YouTubers. If you are interested in any of these positions, contact Stampede#8301 on Discord.


There is currently a 40% off Release Sale on all items in our Donation Store! Click here to head to the Donation store and pick yourself up something nice!

Good luck everyone! Happy pokemon hunting!

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