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Apply for Builder

Interested in applying to become a Builder on PokeSkies? Great! We would love to have you on our wonderful team. Please note the following information below before applying.


  • Proficint abilities in building in their "best" areas
  • Should be familiar with multiple areas of building
  • Must have a Discord Account
  • Name and skin must be appropriate
  • Must remain active
  • Must not have any active or recent punishments

What is a builders job?

Essentially, builders are here to help build up our adventure maps, events, lobbies, and everything else the server may need! You will be placed on a team of other builds and will work with others to help create large and small projects. We have build managers that will help organize projects!

Ready to apply? Please read these tips!

  • Be detailed! Your application looks so much better when it's detailed and has many photos!
  • Be honest! Lying in any part of the application can, and likely will get it denied.
  • Be active! You should be a reputable member in the community.
  • Experience! If you have experience, please list what positions and on what server.
  • Apply only once a week! Multiple applications within a week will result in your ability to apply removed.
  • Don't ask staff to read your app! Asking anyone on the team to review your app will get it denied.