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Apply for Leader

Interested in applying to become a Gym Leader on PokeSkies? Great! We would love to have you on our wonderful team. Please note the following information below before applying.


  • Must be a mature, level headed person
  • Must be active in-game and on Discord
  • Must have a Discord Account
  • Name and skin must be appropriate
  • Must remain active
  • Must not have any active or recent punishments

What is a gym leaders job?

Essentially, Gym Leaders are here to run our player gyms and to fight trainers who challenge their gym!

Ready to apply? Please read these tips!

  • Be detailed! Your application looks so much better when it's longer. 3+ sentances is best!
  • Be honest! Lying in any part of the application can, and likely will get it denied.
  • Be active! You should be a reputable member in the community.
  • Apply only once a week! Multiple applications within a week will result in your ability to apply removed.
  • Don't ask staff to read your app! Asking anyone on the team to review your app will get it denied.

Gym Leader applications are currently closed for the season!