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Apply for Staff

Interested in applying to become a Staff Member on PokeSkies? Great! We would love to have you on our wonderful team. Please note the following information below before applying.


  • Must be a mature, level headed person
  • Must be active in-game and on Discord
  • Must have a Discord Account and a mic
  • Name and skin must be appropriate
  • Should be familiar with a staff position (not a necessity though)
  • Ability to handle tough situations
  • Must remain active
  • Must not have any active or recent punishments

What is a staff members job?

Essentially, Staff Members are here to help players and manage the server! Helpers specifically are chat focused staff members answering questions and giving support on our server, Discord, and Forums. Helpers should answer questions to the best of their ability and if they can't, bring it to a higher up. They should also be watching out for rule breakers and punishing accordingly.

Ready to apply? Please read these tips!

  • Be detailed! Your application looks so much better when it's longer. 3+ sentances per answer is best! Accepted averaged word count is 300!
  • Be honest! Lying in any part of the application can, and likely will get it denied.
  • Be active! You should be a reputable member in the community.
  • Experience! If you have experience, please list what positions and on what server.
  • Make sure you've waited a week after being denied before you submit another application!
  • Don't ask ANY staff to read or for an update on your app! Asking will get it denied.

Acceptance and response time may take longer depending on the current state of the team.

Current state: Temporarily Closed!