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  1. Stampede2011

    The long awaited Battletower revamp!

    The time has finally come... The Battletower revamp has been completed! Containing 100 Floors of trainers created by @Hawnty, the tower is a difficult but rewarding challenge to take on. Spend BattlePoints you receive for defeating each floor at the Battletower Shop which contains a variety of...
  2. Stampede2011

    Misc updates!

    Got some miscellaneous updates and fixes for you all! Thanks for playing on the server <3 The summer version of the Seasonal Crate is now here! This crate includes 15 custom special textured Pokemon from ALL of the Eeveelutions to a very special Spoink! There's also a ton of different...
  3. Stampede2011

    Pixelmon 8.0.0 update!

    The biggest Pixelmon update has finally arrived and the Amandala region is now back online with the map reset and changes! Here's a rundown of the biggest changes: Survival map is now reset! We have completely wiped the original survival map and have generated a brand new one with Biomes o...
  4. Stampede2011


  5. Stampede2011

    Easter Egghunt 2020

    Happy April everyone! The big PokeSkies Egghunt event has now official begun! We decided we would change things up a little bit with a new Pre-Egghunt event and a major reward . A new egghunt menu has also been added to help you along your journey! /egghunt How does the PokeSkies Egghunt...
  6. Stampede2011

    The Great Mines Update!

    Attention everyone, we have some fun updates now and about things to come! Mines Update! After some reconstruction to the mines, they are finally open once again and are full of new surprises! We are happy to share this news for the mines 1st *late* birthday. Here are some of the changes...
  7. Stampede2011

    St. Patrick's Update!

    February's Top Players! The top voter for the month of February was ward157 and the top donator for the month of February was BakedSnake888! They have both received a $20 coupon for our online store. Thank you to everyone for the continued support through donations and votes! Vote-top was...
  8. Stampede2011

    New Years Update!

    Happy New Years to most of you out there! We have some major things planned for 2020 that we can't wait to release! Top Voter of December! The Top Voter of December 2019 is Frogggy and they have received a $20 Store Coupon! Thank you to Frogggy and everyone else for voting as it's insanely...
  9. Stampede2011

    Christmas Update!

    Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas, New Years, and everything else. This will likely be the last update post until the new year, so see you all in 2020! Winter Sale! A 40% off Winter Sale has been activated for everything on our store! In addition to the sale...
  10. Stampede2011

    Some winter updates!

    Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great December so far! Just an announcement of a few updates and a big event coming out this weekend. Present Hunt Event! This weekend on Saturday the 14th, we are doing a brand new Present Hunt event to celebrate the holidays. Trainers will have only a...
  11. Stampede2011

    Creating Custom Skins! (complex)

    The more complex, but better way to view and edit texture files! Having some previous knowledge is helpful, but not required! Obtaining the Texture File 1. Download or locate the 2.7.1 version of the Pixelmon Generations Mod jar file. You can download this version from the #downloads channel of...
  12. Stampede2011

    Creating Custom Skins! (simple)

    The simple way to create and view your custom skin Pokemon! Obtaining the Texture File 1. Download or locate the latest version of the Pixelmon Generations jar file. You can download it from here. 2. Open the Pixelmon Generations jar file using a program like Winrar. You can download it from...
  13. Stampede2011

    Staff Report Format

    Found a staff member breaking the rules? Create a new thread in this section with the following format and an owner will check it out ASAP! Proof is a necessary or the report will be denied. Format:
  14. Stampede2011

    Pixelmon Generations 2.8.3!

    New Pixelmon Generations update is live! The server and the modpack has been fully updated to 2.8.3. This updates adds a bunch of cool new features like Shiny Chains and a new PokeDex! Check out the release post here: https://pixelmongenerations.com/2-8-3-release/ You can download the new...
  15. Stampede2011


    Oh, hey!
  16. Stampede2011

    Spook Update!

    The Spook Update is now live! We have added a bunch of new features this update and a ton more features to come over the next couple weeks! New Website Live! Our new and improved website is now officially live as you can see! Register an account to get started on our forums. You can also apply...
  17. Stampede2011

    Welcome, Trainer!

    Welcome, Trainer! We're glad you've visited our website and would love to see you on our server! Please check the following information as it may be of use to you! Important Links Server Address: play.pokeskies.com Donation Store: https://shop.pokeskies.com Server Discord...
  18. Stampede2011

    How to add more ram! (technic)

    Hello! Here's a simple guide on how to add more ram to your launcher. Helps with frames and crashing. 1. Open the Technic Laucher and select "Launcher Options" 2. Select the "Java Settings" tab at the top of the box 3. Use the drop down to change the amount of ram. If you only see up to 1GB...
  19. Stampede2011

    How to join PokeSkies! (getting the modpack)

    Hello! Heres a simple guide on how to install the modpack and join the server! If you run into any issues or have any questions please post a thread. Installing the launcher: 1. Go to https://www.technicpack.net/ and click "GET THE LAUNCHER" 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select...
  20. Stampede2011

    Server Rules

    Rule Name Rule Description 1 - General Disrespect Bullying, name-calling, or belittling fellow players or staff members 2 - Advertising Promoting other servers, posting unapproved links, advertising YouTube channels or videos that are not PokeSkies-related content 3 - Spamming Posting the...