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    Confusion on the Bow and arrow gingerbread puzzle..

    Hey! Sorry for the delay. This issue has been resolved and I have changed the puzzle to prevent this from happening again!
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    Happy Holidays!

    🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄 📆 Final advent reward available! The Day 25 reward for the Advent Calendar is now available until the New Year. You can claim it once you have all the previous 24 days unlocked (note, you can unlock missed days with Advent Keys). The winner of the 3 IRL...
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    Teleporting back to where you spawn in/ Lag?

    Hello, Sorry for the delay. This is actually caused by the connection between you and the server! You will likely notice a super high ping while experiencing this issue. Usually restarting your internet/pc will resolve the issue. Thanks, Stampede
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    Winter is upon us!

    The winter festivities are almost upon us! The Advent Calendar is back! Every day for the next 25 days, you can login and claim rewards in the Advent Calendar! If you can claim every reward, you will receive exclusive Golden Prizes and be entered to win coupons and IRL plushies. Make sure to...
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    Scary updates have arrived!

    🎃 Scaretober is now live on the Amandala Region! 🎃 A scary makeover! The Halloween makeover is finally here! Kick off the season by exploring the spooky new look of the Amandala region while you complete our limited time quests! Fight your way through 3 frightening bosses, scour the spawn area...
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    Some quick updates!

    Some quick updates! Painter overhaul and updates! We have overhauled the Painter menu by bringing it to some new standards. It now looks super sleek as it should! We've also added some brand new paint colors to both the Normal and Special paint sections. Also, the command /painter has been...
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    Using and setting up Chest Shops!

    A brand new feature, Chest Shops, has been added to the server! This allows you, the player, to create shops on your land for other players to exchange money for goods or vise versa. Setting up shops are simple and easy and become very powerful once you combine them with the Player Warps...
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    Using and creating Player Warps!

    A brand new custom feature, Player Warps, has been added to the server! This allows you, the player, to create your own warps to builders or special locations that other players can then warp to. Using other's Player Warps! There are two ways you can go to other player's warps. The first and...
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    The birthday bash week has begun!

    Have you heard? It’s our 3rd Anniversary! Starting from today until the 24th, enjoy the following events and features: Increased Shiny and Legendary Rates! We have increased the rates of spawning shiny and legendary Pokemon. This will make it easier to find! Limited time Anniversary Box...
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    Updates, updates, updates!

    Updates, updates, updates! Pokemon Exchange is back! We've re-enabled the Pokemon Exchange in the /gems menu! Many Pokemon had their prices changed and a few were added. Please give us feedback on the price changes in #suggestions! Tournament this weekend! A Galar Pokemon tournament has...
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    The long awaited Battletower revamp!

    The time has finally come... The Battletower revamp has been completed! Containing 100 Floors of trainers created by @Hawnty, the tower is a difficult but rewarding challenge to take on. Spend BattlePoints you receive for defeating each floor at the Battletower Shop which contains a variety of...
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    Misc updates!

    Got some miscellaneous updates and fixes for you all! Thanks for playing on the server <3 The summer version of the Seasonal Crate is now here! This crate includes 15 custom special textured Pokemon from ALL of the Eeveelutions to a very special Spoink! There's also a ton of different...
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    Pixelmon 8.0.0 update!

    The biggest Pixelmon update has finally arrived and the Amandala region is now back online with the map reset and changes! Here's a rundown of the biggest changes: Survival map is now reset! We have completely wiped the original survival map and have generated a brand new one with Biomes o...
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    Easter Egghunt 2020

    Happy April everyone! The big PokeSkies Egghunt event has now official begun! We decided we would change things up a little bit with a new Pre-Egghunt event and a major reward . A new egghunt menu has also been added to help you along your journey! /egghunt How does the PokeSkies Egghunt...
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    The Great Mines Update!

    Attention everyone, we have some fun updates now and about things to come! Mines Update! After some reconstruction to the mines, they are finally open once again and are full of new surprises! We are happy to share this news for the mines 1st *late* birthday. Here are some of the changes...
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    St. Patrick's Update!

    February's Top Players! The top voter for the month of February was ward157 and the top donator for the month of February was BakedSnake888! They have both received a $20 coupon for our online store. Thank you to everyone for the continued support through donations and votes! Vote-top was...