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Bertio's brilliantly botched intro


New member
Jan 7, 2021
Salutations poke masters,

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Firebertio, I'm a mature player with 29 years on this flying space rock. I have a wonderful family (girlfirend and two children)

I have alway loved pokemon since i was a child, buying all the cards and gizmo's like the original pokedex and guide, even those horrible yellow hollographic pikachu tshirts (pls it was the 90s), my favourite game would have to be "Pokemon Red" simply because of the nostalgia and being the first pokemon game I had played. Speaking of which my favourite pokemon are: Ninetails, Alolan Marrowak and Gyarados.

Outside of pixelmon I am an avid gamer anyway, I spent most of my life playing MMO's such as MU online, Ran, Cabal, WoW and many many others, I then becamea casual for a while and became a COD-BRO, but alas I got bored of consoles and came back to PC. after that I got into MoBA's like Smie and League of Legends. But as you can tell i play a wide range of games.

My favourite game of all time is probably either Final Fantasy 8, Tekken or Morrowind.

For a little while I was a member of a team putting out private server'd games, I was a graphical designer and Coder for: Cloudnine Ace Online and Derivative Ace, Amoniak Dayz (Arma 2 engine), muiple minecraft servers.

Away from gaming my other hobbies include Martial arts, Guitar Playing (although im terrible at it) and watching movies/anime.

Martial arts wise, i love it in all forms, tradition, art, sports and competative. I spent around 5 years doing Muay Thai, and then plenty of time bouncing from random arts like BJJ, Silat and Kali. I love watching UFC. BKB, Bellator, One and many other promotions, and i also support local fighters be it boxing or others.

Movie wise.. I love a good sci-fi or fantasy, my favorites are probably the star wars arcs and lord of the rings.

Anime... loved it from when i saw Guyver and some others like Akira as a child, got into it secretly before it was cool and then embraced it when people no longer thought i was weird, Im not one of these body pillow types, I enjoy it for what it is, My favourite anime is probably Elfen Lied, followed by some of the studio ghibli films.

Anyway I think ive blabbed on enough and gave you guys a look into who i am and what i enjoy. Caio!