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Easter Egghunt 2020


Oct 4, 2019
Happy April everyone!

The big PokeSkies Egghunt event has now official begun!
We decided we would change things up a little bit with a new Pre-Egghunt event and a major reward .

A new egghunt menu has also been added to help you along your journey! /egghunt

How does the PokeSkies Egghunt 2020 work?

We're glad you asked! This year we have split up the event into two different parts. The first part is a scavenger hunt event where trainers find “keys” using the clues given by us admins. Once all the clues have been given out, the actual egghunt will begin. After finding all 9 Keys and 27 Eggs, trainers may find and claim the Golden Egg which will contain the largest prize yet.

The scavanger hunt clues will be given out over 9 days and the actual egghunt will begin April 10th. The Golden Egg and Easter Eggs will not be findable until this day. All clues will be released at 12am CST. All trainers on the server may participate in the event, except admins! All staff members below admin have not been made aware of this event until now!

What are the prizes?

The first user to find the Golden Egg will receive a $100 PayPal reward and extremely limited edition items. The user must own a PayPal account and must be above the age to receive this prize for their country (or have a parent to claim it). If the user is unable to claim the reward, it is passed to the next user and so on. All users who participate in the event will receive 1 random Crate Key from each key found, one random item from each egg found, and special items from the Golden Egg.

Well then, what is the clue for key #1?

Yellow Key:
The first key, for you to find
Head my words, travel back in time.
Right behind the veil of molten rock
Open the vault, its unlocked.
Now look hard and you will see
Every step taken gets you closer to the key.

You are allowed to work in teams. We've added the #🥚egghunt-2020 channel on Discord for trainers to talk about the event.

All future clues will be given via Discord and the ingame egghunt menu (/egghunt)

Remember! You can tell others where the keys are and hunt with them, but only one person gets the grand prize. Happy hunting!