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Oct 4, 2019
Frequently asked Questions

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Q: How do I join the server?
A: If you wish to join our server then here are our address "play.pokeskies.com" & if there are any issues please ask a staff member for assistance.

Q: What modpack are you using?
A: We using the "Pixelmon Generation" modpack which you can find by reaching it via the launcher itself.

Q: Where do I get the technic launcher?
A: If you wish to get the technic launcher you can download it "here" and you should click the appropriate system you own.

Q: How do I get a rank?
A: You can obtain a rank from our store which is located "here" but keep in mind sometimes our store doesn't give the rank/purchase direct so it takes a few minutes to do it and if it doesn't do the purchase please message one of the owner(s) to assistance & do not give out the recept to anyone but our owner(s)

Q: Someone broke a rule what should I do?
A: If one of our users decide to break our rules, then please fill a report located "here" & await a staff response.

Q: How do you wondertrade pokemon?
A: If you wish to wondertrade pokemon in-game, do the /wt command which opens a menu that is self-explanatory on how to do it.

Q: A staff member abused their powers what should I do?
A: If you see a staff member abusing their powers in any kind of way, you should contact one of the higher up(s) and wait until they have resolved the issue appropriately.

Q: I got banned what should I do?
A: If you got any punishment/banned please make a thread "here" & fill our format out and wait until the staff has decided on your appeal, not everyone will be accepted but please be respectful of staff choices.
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