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Punishment Appeal

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Feb 3, 2020
1 - What is your IGN?

We are 2, XiaoYingJing and PlatypusBOYYY

2 - Why have you been punished?

We have been punished for stealing one player's objects.

3 - When were you punished?

09/02/2020 for 1 month

4 - Why do you think you should be unpunished?

We are not english and we dont have understood in the rules that we can't steal object even if they are not claimed, so we stole someone's object which were not claimed and we were thinking that it was not rule breaking. We now understand that this was not allow on the server and we apologize, we have stole : Diamond Blocks, Ruby Blocks... etc... We both want to get unban because we were having a lot of fun playing pixelmon on your server, When we will get unban we are gonna give back all the items we stole and give more than we stole for compensation to the player !


Nov 20, 2019
Hi Xiao,
Unfortunately, I will be denying your ban appeal.

For starters, the place you stole from AfflictedMiner was exactly inside his base, specifically the tiniest part of the land he did not claim and from hearing how you snuck beneath the chest to steal from Afflicted, it definitely sounds like it was intentional stealing and tried to do it in a way to not get caught. At the same time, we have a strict "No stealing from other players' bases" rule that you can find on our /rules (which is promoted to you when you join the server).

Thank you for appealing but you will have to wait the full month's ban time in order to come back onto the server.

Regards, Hawnty
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