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Server Rules

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Oct 4, 2019
Rule NameRule Description
1 - General DisrespectBullying, name-calling, or belittling fellow players or staff members
2 - AdvertisingPromoting other servers, posting unapproved links, advertising YouTube channels or videos that are not PokeSkies-related content
3 - SpammingPosting the same message or similar messages to chat repeatedly, in a way that floods the chat
4 - Using All CapsTyping in all caps excessively.
5 - Discrimination / HateUsing slurs, mistreating anyone based on race, gender, age, sexuality, etc., or promoting bigoted views
6 - English OnlyOur public channels should be kept to English only for moderation purposes. Feel free to speak in other languages in private communication methods like Direct Messages.
7 - SwearingThe public chats should be kept to a pg-13 level with minimal swearing.
8 - Hacking / Unapproved ModsUsing hacked clients, or using any unapproved mods, scripts, macros, etc. that gives you an unfair advantage
9 - ExploitingExploiting, using, or profiting off of any bug, glitch, or other exploits. Please note: If you find any bugs, glitches, or exploits, report them and you can be rewarded
10 - ScammingMisleading, manipulating, or otherwise tricking another player into unwillingly trading, selling, buying, or giving money, pokemon, items, or any other goods
11 - ImpersonationImpersonating or pretending to be someone else, players and staff included
12 - Inappropriate BehaviorDiscussing things of sexual or otherwise inappropriate nature. Soliciting or offering inappropriate pictures, videos, or messages
13 - Malicious ThreatsThreatening to DDoS, kill, leak personal information, and other types of malicious threats
14 - Inappropriate UsernamesHaving a username containing slurs, or other overtly inappropriate words
15- Inappropriate SkinsHaving a skin containing hateful or inappropriate imagery
16 - Punishment BypassingGetting around a ban or mute by using another account or method
17 - GriefingDestroying or harming another player’s claimed land without their permission. This includes claiming directly around another players claimed land (staff discresion).
18 - StealingStealing Pokemon or items from other players, or refusing to give back a borrowed pokemon or item. This includes taking from claimed storage items and from farms like cactus farms.
19 - Lag MachinesCreating systems that purposefully lag or slow down the server.
20 - AFK Pools/MachinesDo not create AFK/spawning pools or machines as they lower the spawns for other players. This includes machines like fishing farms.
21 - Max 150 ApricornsDo not create more than 150 Apricorns per player living on the claim. Alternate accounts do not count. Living is defined as their main base location and if a player is on multiple claims, it will only count for their main base
22 - Zero Tick FarmsNo zero tick farms of any sort that make use of Minecraft glitches
23 - Punishment EvasionYou may not in any circumstances evade any punishment, be that a ban, mute, etc. Your IP Address will be used as sufficient evidence for confirming if you're evading a punishment
24 - Alternate AccountsYou should have no more than 3 total accounts join
25 - No asking for referralsYou may not ask any other user to use "/referrals thank" or similar on you unless you've actually referred them to the server
26 - No exchanging goods for goods/services outside of the serverYou may not exchange any item, Pokemon, etc. for any form of payment outside of the server itself. Ex; exchange a Pokemon for a good or service, like money or goods in other games/servers. This does not include exchanging items within the server for something on the PokeSkies store.
27 - Player Warp LimitationsPlayer Warps may not be placed in a location where the player will die, may not be named innaproriately, may not have innapropriate discriptions, or be placed in territory where you are not able to build in.
Approved mod(s)

Official Pixelmon Sidemods
Mouse Tweaks

Extra Info

- Illegal Activity is strictly prohibited. There is no toleration.
- The punishments for breaking rules is dependent on the severity of the situation.
- You may advertise your YouTube videos or streams if it is on PokeSkies or generally for Pixelmon (no other Pixelmon servers). Do not directly link to videos that are not related to PokeSkies.
- If you choose to use our platform for dating services, please keep in mind that if our staff members find it or deem it inappropriate or unacceptable in our standards, punishments will occur depending on the severity/stage.
- Spawning platforms are free for public use by default, even when claimed. Building a enclosed box around the platform will make it privated.
- Naturally spawned Pokemon, including those from the Legendary timer, are free to claim by anyone. Pokemon spawned by shrines are protected to those that summoned them.

Screenshots are the only accepted method for receiving lost Pokemon back. You must provide screenshot evidence of the Pokemon that you have lost in order for us to look into the situation and get you back your Pokemon

Please note that our rules may change at any time and notifications will not be sent out. Therefore we highly suggest you check the rules regularly.
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