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Using and creating Player Warps!

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Oct 4, 2019
A brand new custom feature, Player Warps, has been added to the server! This allows you, the player, to create your own warps to builders or special locations that other players can then warp to.

Using other's Player Warps!
There are two ways you can go to other player's warps. The first and easy way is to use the warp listing menu with the command /pwarp. This will open a GUI of all the warps available sorted by the most likes! The other way is to know the name of the warp and use the command /pwarp <name> where <name> is replaced by the one-word name for the warp (ex: /pwarp WildWarp). Either of these two methods will then begin a teleport warmup, which after a few seconds will bring you to the warp destination. Legend+ donors will receive instant teleportation instead of having to wait! Once you've warped to the desired warp, consider giving that warp a "like" with the command /pwarp like <name> where the name is replaced by the one-word name of the warp.

Creating a Player Warp!
Creating a warp is super simple! Stand in the desired location for your warp while looking in the direction you want others players to face. Do know that warps may only be set in the Adventure world and only in a claim you are trusted in. Once in the right spot, run the command /pwarp set <name> where <name> is replaced by a one-word name for your warp. This name must be unique, must be less than 30 characters, must be only A-Z characters, and must not be a blacklisted name! Do know that the capitalization will matter as that's what gets displayed in the warps listing menu! After you've chosen your perfect name, a message will appear in chat asking you to confirm the creation. Please notice that creating a warp does cost coins, so make sure you've got enough! Once everything is confirmed, the warp is now created and players can warp to it.

Customizing a Player Warp!

Once you've created your warp, you can now customize it! Currently, there are two customization options: a description and an icon. The description will appear when hovering over your warp inside the warp listing menu. Do this by running the command /pwarp desc <name> <desc> where <name> is replaced by the one-word name for your warp and <desc> is a multi-worded description of up to 150 characters. The description cannot contain any & characters as those signify color. The other customizable option are icons! Icons are what your warp will appear as inside the warp listing menu. By default, a warp will look like your player's head. Do this by running the command /pwarp icon <name> where <name> is replaced by the one-word name for your warp. A GUI will then appear where you can select an icon for your warp! Do know that some icons are restricted to donators.
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