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Christmas Update!


Oct 4, 2019
Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas, New Years, and everything else. This will likely be the last update post until the new year, so see you all in 2020!

Winter Sale! A 40% off Winter Sale has been activated for everything on our store! In addition to the sale, purchasing the Shiny Gen 8 Pokemon package will give you a FREE Shiny key. This sale and deal will end on January 5th! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

Present Hunt Quest! Santa needs your help! His sleigh crashed in the Spawn Town of the Amandala Region and he seems to have lost 10 Presents in the surrounding area! Go talk to him and see how you can help!

Seasonal Crate Update! The Christmas version of the Seasonal Crate has finally arrived! Take your chances and try and spin for some festive Pokemon Skins and items. There's even a Custom Winter Skinned Azelf named Santazelf for you to get! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

Wonderful Map Changes! The Spawn Town of the Amandala Region has been converted to a Winter Wonderland. Thank you to all the builders and the event team for setting this up!

Advent Calendar is almost over! That's right, we're nearing the 24th of December, which means that's the final day for claiming your daily Advent Rewards! If you've claimed all 24 days, you can unlock the Golden Present which contains some fantastic loot! If you haven't claimed all previous 24 days, don't fear! We have added Advent Keys, which can unlock previous days, to the Seasonal Crate and Santa's Quest.

Team Updates! We have a new Builder, Edoggerson, that has joined our team recently! Congratulations!

Heads up, there are a few giveaways in #🎁giveaways on our Discord!