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The long awaited Battletower revamp!

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The time has finally come...

The Battletower revamp has been completed!
Containing 100 Floors of trainers created by @Hawnty, the tower is a difficult but rewarding challenge to take on. Spend BattlePoints you receive for defeating each floor at the Battletower Shop which contains a variety of items from Regi Key Pieces to Z-Ingots and Dragon Souls! Careful though, if you are ever defeated or forfeit a battle, you will be put on a 1 day cooldown until you can try again. However, feel free to teleport away from the current floor before fighting the trainer and return to it whenever you feel like it! /warp battletower

The first time you complete all 100 floors you will receive some extra prizes!
Subsequent completions will give other random prizes. - Eternal fame and glory - Exclusive Ribbon item - Master Ball themed Tag, Backpack, Pokemon...

Misc updates!

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Got some miscellaneous updates and fixes for you all! Thanks for playing on the server <3

The summer version of the Seasonal Crate is now here!

This crate includes 15 custom special textured Pokemon from ALL of the Eeveelutions to a very special Spoink! There's also a ton of different Pokemon, items, tags, and perks to enjoy. Almost every Pokemon's full evolution line has a special skin, even all of Eevee's evolutions! Pokemon that do not keep skins when evolving is Snorunt and Spoink. https://shop.pokeskies.com/

25% off sale!
We've activated a sale as we really appreciate the support you've all given us! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

In-game and online map changes!
With the latest 8.0.0 update, we've added all of the Shrines and some Boss Towers to the adventure map. Along with this, the online map has been completely updated to...

Pixelmon 8.0.0 update!

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The biggest Pixelmon update has finally arrived and the Amandala region is now back online with the map reset and changes!
Here's a rundown of the biggest changes:

Survival map is now reset!

We have completely wiped the original survival map and have generated a brand new one with Biomes o Plenty added in. This world is a 30x30k so there should be plenty of space to find cool biomes in. /rtp is currently disabled due to a crashing bug. Use /warp wild for now

Reworked the in-game economy!

We have changed a large majority of the prices of items and added a ton of items to the shop. We hope that this brings a better balance to the server! Note, we will be constantly tweaking the economy

End, Nether, and Ultra Space dimensions!
There are brand new End, Nether, and Ultraspace dimensions for everyone to explore. The end and nether can be accessed via /warp...

Easter Egghunt 2020

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Happy April everyone!

The big PokeSkies Egghunt event has now official begun!
We decided we would change things up a little bit with a new Pre-Egghunt event and a major reward .

A new egghunt menu has also been added to help you along your journey! /egghunt

How does the PokeSkies Egghunt 2020 work?

We're glad you asked! This year we have split up the event into two different parts. The first part is a scavenger hunt event where trainers find “keys” using the clues given by us admins. Once all the clues have been given out, the actual egghunt will begin. After finding all 9 Keys and 27 Eggs, trainers may find and claim the Golden Egg which will contain the largest prize yet.

The scavanger hunt clues will be given out over 9 days and the actual egghunt will begin April 10th. The Golden Egg and Easter Eggs will not be findable until this day. All clues will be released at 12am...

The Great Mines Update!

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Attention everyone, we have some fun updates now and about things to come!

Mines Update!

After some reconstruction to the mines, they are finally open once again and are full of new surprises! We are happy to share this news for the mines 1st *late* birthday. Here are some of the changes:
- New overall look, with more details added in around the mines
- 3 more mines added in for Sand, Wood, and Dimensional related blocks
- All of the mines drops have been revamped to include some new ores and surprises while mining
- The gems merchant has relocated himself outside the entrance into the mine, /gems will still be a way to access the menu though.
- Trainers have been added throughout the mines with rewards and teams relating to their mine
- Pokémon have flooded the mines, and now will spawn frequently. These Pokémon are based off their respective area!
25% off Sale!

A 25% off sale has been activated on our online store...