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New Years Update!

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Happy New Years to most of you out there! We have some major things planned for 2020 that we can't wait to release!

Top Voter of December! The Top Voter of December 2019 is Frogggy and they have received a $20 Store Coupon! Thank you to Frogggy and everyone else for voting as it's insanely helpful for us to grow. The votes have now been reset!

New Years Sale! The 40% off sale has been increased to 50% off for the next 24 hours only! Thank you for your support 💗 http://shop.pokeskies.com

Giveaways in the #giveaways channel of our Discord Server!

Christmas Update!

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Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas, New Years, and everything else. This will likely be the last update post until the new year, so see you all in 2020!

Winter Sale! A 40% off Winter Sale has been activated for everything on our store! In addition to the sale, purchasing the Shiny Gen 8 Pokemon package will give you a FREE Shiny key. This sale and deal will end on January 5th! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

Present Hunt Quest! Santa needs your help! His sleigh crashed in the Spawn Town of the Amandala Region and he seems to have lost 10 Presents in the surrounding area! Go talk to him and see how you can help!

Seasonal Crate Update! The Christmas version of the Seasonal Crate has finally arrived! Take your chances and try and spin for some festive Pokemon Skins and items. There's even a Custom Winter Skinned Azelf named Santazelf for you to get...

Some winter updates!

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Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great December so far! Just an announcement of a few updates and a big event coming out this weekend.

Present Hunt Event! This weekend on Saturday the 14th, we are doing a brand new Present Hunt event to celebrate the holidays. Trainers will have only a few minutes to run around a custom version of the Snowbelle island and find as many presents as possible. Top 5 Trainers will get big prizes, but just participating will reward you! Check out the post made in #events on our Discord.

Winter Texture Contest!
The winter themed texture contest will be coming to a close on the 15th at 11:59pm CST. Winners of the contest will receive some keys and a Shiny Pokemon with the special texture they made! Be sure to submit your designs to the #📷submissions chat on our Discord before the deadline.

Seasonal Crate Update...

Pixelmon Generations 2.8.3!

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New Pixelmon Generations update is live!
The server and the modpack has been fully updated to 2.8.3. This updates adds a bunch of cool new features like Shiny Chains and a new PokeDex! Check out the release post here: https://pixelmongenerations.com/2-8-3-release/

You can download the new version from one of the following:
Need help downloading the PokeSkies Pack? Check out our guide here

New event posted!
An event will be coming this weekend. Check out...

Spook Update!

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The Spook Update is now live! We have added a bunch of new features this update and a ton more features to come over the next couple weeks!

New Website Live! Our new and improved website is now officially live as you can see! Register an account to get started on our forums. You can also apply for any one of the four positions we have on our apply page! https://www.pokeskies.com/

Map Changes! Spooky changes to our adventure map have appeared all over!! The spawn has been spookified with a different look and scary builds! A couple new builds and NPCs have been added that bring a new event storyline into the adventure world. This event is here for only a limited time, so finish it before it's gone for free rewards!

Trick or Treat! Houses on the Main Island of the Adventure Map have begun giving out candy to those who ring their doorbells! There are over 20 houses that will give you free candies every 2days until...