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Some quick updates!

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Some quick updates!

Painter overhaul and updates!
We have overhauled the Painter menu by bringing it to some new standards. It now looks super sleek as it should! We've also added some brand new paint colors to both the Normal and Special paint sections. Also, the command /painter has been added to make it that much easier to paint!

The mines have returned!

I was finally able to source the issue regarding the mines and have reimplemented them! We're also working on some reworks to the mines to improve them in some unique ways. Get ready!

40% off SALE!
A 40% off network wide sale is still on going! Every purchase will also come with a FREE Halloween Candy piece. Thank you to everyone for all the support 💗 https://shop.pokeskies.com/

Scary updates have arrived!

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🎃 Scaretober is now live on the Amandala Region! 🎃

A scary makeover!

The Halloween makeover is finally here! Kick off the season by exploring the spooky new look of the Amandala region while you complete our limited time quests! Fight your way through 3 frightening bosses, scour the spawn area for the hidden Wither skeleton skulls, and even ring doorbells for free candy! There’s still so much more to explore, but we’ll leave that for you to find! We’ve made an event menu just for Halloween to explain each event in detail. Check it out with /halloween. From us here at the staff team, Happy Halloween!

Seasonal Crate changes!
We have just released the Halloween edition of the Seasonal Crate! This edition features over 40 total Custom Special skins with a ton of Special skinned Pokemon. We also removed the Shiny Pokemon from this crate, making the chances to get something good even better...

The birthday bash week has begun!

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Have you heard? It’s our 3rd Anniversary! Starting from today until the 24th, enjoy the following events and features:

Increased Shiny and Legendary Rates!
We have increased the rates of spawning shiny and legendary Pokemon. This will make it easier to find!

Limited time Anniversary Box!
The box contains exclusive and limited edition rewards, like Custom Special Pokemon and Exclusive Tags. Obtain Anniversary Keys from the Raffle (1 free per entry), from our store (https://shop.pokeskies.com/), and from giveaways!

Daily Raffles!
Every day from now until the 24th, you can join that day's raffle for a chance to win a prize! Every time you join a raffle, you will earn 1 Anniversary Box Key and be entered to win. Use /raffle or /warp anniversary to open the menu! 50% off sale! Get a 50% discount on everything in our...

Updates, updates, updates!

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Updates, updates, updates!

Pokemon Exchange is back!

We've re-enabled the Pokemon Exchange in the /gems menu! Many Pokemon had their prices changed and a few were added. Please give us feedback on the price changes in #suggestions!

Tournament this weekend!
A Galar Pokemon tournament has been scheduled for Sunday at 3pm CST. Check the #events channel for more information and sign-up!

Talent wanted!
Do you consider yourself a writer? Do you like telling stories? The PokeSkies Narrative team is looking for new members to assist with quests for the new region coming to the server. DM the Narrative Team Manager, @Clover [CloverEbi] for more information on the application process! Interested in becoming a staff member? Our applications are open at all times! Feel free to send an application in, but make sure they're very...

The long awaited Battletower revamp!

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The time has finally come...

The Battletower revamp has been completed!
Containing 100 Floors of trainers created by @Hawnty, the tower is a difficult but rewarding challenge to take on. Spend BattlePoints you receive for defeating each floor at the Battletower Shop which contains a variety of items from Regi Key Pieces to Z-Ingots and Dragon Souls! Careful though, if you are ever defeated or forfeit a battle, you will be put on a 1 day cooldown until you can try again. However, feel free to teleport away from the current floor before fighting the trainer and return to it whenever you feel like it! /warp battletower

The first time you complete all 100 floors you will receive some extra prizes!
Subsequent completions will give other random prizes. - Eternal fame and glory - Exclusive Ribbon item - Master Ball themed Tag, Backpack, Pokemon...