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Easter Egghunt 2020

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Happy April everyone!

The big PokeSkies Egghunt event has now official begun!
We decided we would change things up a little bit with a new Pre-Egghunt event and a major reward .

A new egghunt menu has also been added to help you along your journey! /egghunt

How does the PokeSkies Egghunt 2020 work?

We're glad you asked! This year we have split up the event into two different parts. The first part is a scavenger hunt event where trainers find “keys” using the clues given by us admins. Once all the clues have been given out, the actual egghunt will begin. After finding all 9 Keys and 27 Eggs, trainers may find and claim the Golden Egg which will contain the largest prize yet.

The scavanger hunt clues will be given out over 9 days and the actual egghunt will begin April 10th. The Golden Egg and Easter Eggs will not be findable until this day. All clues will be released at 12am...

The Great Mines Update!

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Attention everyone, we have some fun updates now and about things to come!

Mines Update!

After some reconstruction to the mines, they are finally open once again and are full of new surprises! We are happy to share this news for the mines 1st *late* birthday. Here are some of the changes:
- New overall look, with more details added in around the mines
- 3 more mines added in for Sand, Wood, and Dimensional related blocks
- All of the mines drops have been revamped to include some new ores and surprises while mining
- The gems merchant has relocated himself outside the entrance into the mine, /gems will still be a way to access the menu though.
- Trainers have been added throughout the mines with rewards and teams relating to their mine
- Pokémon have flooded the mines, and now will spawn frequently. These Pokémon are based off their respective area!
25% off Sale!

A 25% off sale has been activated on our online store...

St. Patrick's Update!

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February's Top Players!

The top voter for the month of February was ward157 and the top donator for the month of February was BakedSnake888! They have both received a $20 coupon for our online store. Thank you to everyone for the continued support through donations and votes!

Vote-top was reset for the new month!

St. Patricks Day Crate!

A new crate will be released today (Friday) at 3pm CST. For a limited time, try your luck at the St. Patricks Day Crate and you might win a Shiny Ho-oh, Rainbow Ponyta, or a one of our custom special skins (made by Jakt)! http://shop.pokeskies.com/

Fun Fact: This is the 1st seasonal crate to be released for a second time!

St. Patrick's Day Tournament!

We have just posted a tournament event for next weekend in the events channel on our Discord Server...

New Years Update!

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Happy New Years to most of you out there! We have some major things planned for 2020 that we can't wait to release!

Top Voter of December! The Top Voter of December 2019 is Frogggy and they have received a $20 Store Coupon! Thank you to Frogggy and everyone else for voting as it's insanely helpful for us to grow. The votes have now been reset!

New Years Sale! The 40% off sale has been increased to 50% off for the next 24 hours only! Thank you for your support 💗 http://shop.pokeskies.com

Giveaways in the #giveaways channel of our Discord Server!

Christmas Update!

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Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas, New Years, and everything else. This will likely be the last update post until the new year, so see you all in 2020!

Winter Sale! A 40% off Winter Sale has been activated for everything on our store! In addition to the sale, purchasing the Shiny Gen 8 Pokemon package will give you a FREE Shiny key. This sale and deal will end on January 5th! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

Present Hunt Quest! Santa needs your help! His sleigh crashed in the Spawn Town of the Amandala Region and he seems to have lost 10 Presents in the surrounding area! Go talk to him and see how you can help!

Seasonal Crate Update! The Christmas version of the Seasonal Crate has finally arrived! Take your chances and try and spin for some festive Pokemon Skins and items. There's even a Custom Winter Skinned Azelf named Santazelf for you to get...