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Winter is upon us!


Oct 4, 2019
The winter festivities are almost upon us!

The Advent Calendar is back!

Every day for the next 25 days, you can login and claim rewards in the Advent Calendar! If you can claim every reward, you will receive exclusive Golden Prizes and be entered to win coupons and IRL plushies. Make sure to hop on today and claim your rewards in order to reach those Golden Prizes. `/advent`

Amandala Region downtime!
The Amandala Region will begin a temporary maintenance on December 3rd at 11:59pm CST! At this time we will change the map over to a spectacular winter wonderland. We're aiming for the maintenance to conclude the following day on December 4th at 12pm CST (noon)!

Upcoming Seasonal Crate changes!
The Food edition of the Seasonal Crate is being exchanged for the Winter edition of the Seasonal Crate on December 4th at 12pm CST (noon) with a key given to all players online 1 hour after the release of the crate. This edition will contain exclusive winter related Pokémon and cosmetics!

The monthly totals have now been reset for December!
The top voters for November are as follows:
- 1st Place, SourMelunz | $50 Store Giftcard
- 2nd Place, Jungle_George | $30 Store Giftcard
- 3rd Place, megard02 | $10 Store Giftcard
(top totals are taken from the Lobby /votetop)

The Top Donor of November was Firewolf798 who received a $25 Store Coupon and Money tag!

All top users have received the coupons in their inventories on the Amandala Region.