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Scary updates have arrived!


Oct 4, 2019
🎃 Scaretober is now live on the Amandala Region! 🎃

A scary makeover!

The Halloween makeover is finally here! Kick off the season by exploring the spooky new look of the Amandala region while you complete our limited time quests! Fight your way through 3 frightening bosses, scour the spawn area for the hidden Wither skeleton skulls, and even ring doorbells for free candy! There’s still so much more to explore, but we’ll leave that for you to find! We’ve made an event menu just for Halloween to explain each event in detail. Check it out with /halloween. From us here at the staff team, Happy Halloween!

Seasonal Crate changes!
We have just released the Halloween edition of the Seasonal Crate! This edition features over 40 total Custom Special skins with a ton of Special skinned Pokemon. We also removed the Shiny Pokemon from this crate, making the chances to get something good even better!

Don't forget to check if your Special / Custom Pokemon are on this list before you evolve them!

40% off SALE!
We have just activated a 40% off network wide sale! Every purchase will also come with a FREE Halloween Candy piece. Thank you to everyone for all the support ❤ https://shop.pokeskies.com/