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The birthday bash week has begun!


Oct 4, 2019
Have you heard? It’s our 3rd Anniversary! Starting from today until the 24th, enjoy the following events and features:

Increased Shiny and Legendary Rates!
We have increased the rates of spawning shiny and legendary Pokemon. This will make it easier to find!

Limited time Anniversary Box!
The box contains exclusive and limited edition rewards, like Custom Special Pokemon and Exclusive Tags. Obtain Anniversary Keys from the Raffle (1 free per entry), from our store (https://shop.pokeskies.com/), and from giveaways!

Daily Raffles!
Every day from now until the 24th, you can join that day's raffle for a chance to win a prize! Every time you join a raffle, you will earn 1 Anniversary Box Key and be entered to win. Use /raffle or /warp anniversary to open the menu! 50% off sale! Get a 50% discount on everything in our store from now until the 24th! We greatly appreciate all purchases <3

Coral's Shiny Hunt Event!
We have just posted information regarding Coral's Shiny Hunt event in the #events channel on our Discord. We also have a tournament this weekend posted there too!

There will also have several Drop Parties and events going on this week!