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Misc updates!


Oct 4, 2019
Got some miscellaneous updates and fixes for you all! Thanks for playing on the server <3

The summer version of the Seasonal Crate is now here!

This crate includes 15 custom special textured Pokemon from ALL of the Eeveelutions to a very special Spoink! There's also a ton of different Pokemon, items, tags, and perks to enjoy. Almost every Pokemon's full evolution line has a special skin, even all of Eevee's evolutions! Pokemon that do not keep skins when evolving is Snorunt and Spoink. https://shop.pokeskies.com/

25% off sale!
We've activated a sale as we really appreciate the support you've all given us! https://shop.pokeskies.com/

In-game and online map changes!
With the latest 8.0.0 update, we've added all of the Shrines and some Boss Towers to the adventure map. Along with this, the online map has been completely updated to reflect these changes. http://map.pokeskies.com/

Staff updates!

- Wiverns has been added as a Helper
- BakedSnake888 has been promoted to Mod
- IAmTheActualGuy has stepped down
- _Kyouka has temporarily stepped down

A meteorite has appeared in Empire City!
Around a week ago, a strange meteorite from out of this world crashed behind the Empire City Casino. Weird things have been happening since, and scientists are there studying the properties of the meteorite. Go check out this live-action event for more info!

Misc changes!
- /warp camp has been added back!
- Added town mode claims. Tutorial here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jIwfgBYHrtE0hjVaLoh-MJehK1nOLOPGwQM6CcdS_w8/edit?usp=sharing
- Removed Origin Island legendary spawns
- Rename PokeParticles to PokeAuras and ShinyParticles to PokeParticles. This reflects Pixelmon
- Added almost all BOP items and blocks into the shops
- Made some misc changes to prices of pre-existing shops
- Mines have been updated with new BOP and Pixelmon blocks