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Pixelmon 8.0.0 update!


Oct 4, 2019
The biggest Pixelmon update has finally arrived and the Amandala region is now back online with the map reset and changes!
Here's a rundown of the biggest changes:

Survival map is now reset!

We have completely wiped the original survival map and have generated a brand new one with Biomes o Plenty added in. This world is a 30x30k so there should be plenty of space to find cool biomes in. /rtp is currently disabled due to a crashing bug. Use /warp wild for now

Reworked the in-game economy!

We have changed a large majority of the prices of items and added a ton of items to the shop. We hope that this brings a better balance to the server! Note, we will be constantly tweaking the economy

End, Nether, and Ultra Space dimensions!
There are brand new End, Nether, and Ultraspace dimensions for everyone to explore. The end and nether can be accessed via /warp end and /warp nether, but claiming is also allowed in these regions. The Ultraspace however is still only accessible via the Celestial Altar and cannot be claimed.

Added the /lastlegend and /lastub command!
The last legend/ultrabeast command is now available for trainers to see the last time that a Legendary/Ultrabeast has spawned. We are making tweaks to the spawning system to get the best timer!

Note, there will likely be several crash issues as there are quite a few Pixelmon related bugs!