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Some winter updates!


Oct 4, 2019
Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great December so far! Just an announcement of a few updates and a big event coming out this weekend.

Present Hunt Event! This weekend on Saturday the 14th, we are doing a brand new Present Hunt event to celebrate the holidays. Trainers will have only a few minutes to run around a custom version of the Snowbelle island and find as many presents as possible. Top 5 Trainers will get big prizes, but just participating will reward you! Check out the post made in #events on our Discord.

Winter Texture Contest!
The winter themed texture contest will be coming to a close on the 15th at 11:59pm CST. Winners of the contest will receive some keys and a Shiny Pokemon with the special texture they made! Be sure to submit your designs to the #📷submissions chat on our Discord before the deadline.

Seasonal Crate Update Soon!
We will soon be updating the Seasonal Crate to the new Winter themed version. Be sure to open the crate and win those Food themed Pokemon before their gone for another year! https://shop.pokeskies.com

Staff Updates! Our long time Staff Member Enoryt_ has been promoted to the newly made role of Senior Moderator. We also have a brand new Staff Member UnFounds joining our team as a Helper. Thank you to the both of you for being with us!

Nitro Booooost! Everyone who is Nitro Boosting the PokeSkies Discord will receive extra rewards for the month of December. From now until the new year, claim a few crate keys and items from the new /kit thanks!
New boosters get a bunch more rewards too though! Check the #🔗information channel on our Discord for more info on boosting.