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Spook Update!


Oct 4, 2019
The Spook Update is now live! We have added a bunch of new features this update and a ton more features to come over the next couple weeks!

New Website Live! Our new and improved website is now officially live as you can see! Register an account to get started on our forums. You can also apply for any one of the four positions we have on our apply page! https://www.pokeskies.com/

Map Changes! Spooky changes to our adventure map have appeared all over!! The spawn has been spookified with a different look and scary builds! A couple new builds and NPCs have been added that bring a new event storyline into the adventure world. This event is here for only a limited time, so finish it before it's gone for free rewards!

Trick or Treat! Houses on the Main Island of the Adventure Map have begun giving out candy to those who ring their doorbells! There are over 20 houses that will give you free candies every 2days until the end of October! Unwrap those candies for rewards and you could even receive limited edition items :shockedpikachu:

Seasonal Crate Updates! The Halloween Seasonal Crate is now live and available to spin! You can purchase keys on our store or obtain them via Referrals, Giveaways, Crates, and the new Halloween Storyline! http://shop.pokeskies.com/

New Paints in Stock! The Painter just picked up some new paint colors and is now accepting commissions to paint your Pokemon! Head on over to his house in Iki Town and get a new paint for your Pokemon. /warp painter

Upcoming Events! We are planning on adding new events and storylines over the next couple weeks of October that keep the fun alive! Watch the #events channel on Discord for when those come out!