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The Great Mines Update!


Oct 4, 2019
Attention everyone, we have some fun updates now and about things to come!

Mines Update!

After some reconstruction to the mines, they are finally open once again and are full of new surprises! We are happy to share this news for the mines 1st *late* birthday. Here are some of the changes:
- New overall look, with more details added in around the mines
- 3 more mines added in for Sand, Wood, and Dimensional related blocks
- All of the mines drops have been revamped to include some new ores and surprises while mining
- The gems merchant has relocated himself outside the entrance into the mine, /gems will still be a way to access the menu though.
- Trainers have been added throughout the mines with rewards and teams relating to their mine
- Pokémon have flooded the mines, and now will spawn frequently. These Pokémon are based off their respective area!

25% off Sale!

A 25% off sale has been activated on our online store for the next week! We deeply appreciate the support everyone has given us thus far. Thank you ❤ http://shop.pokeskies.com/

2x Shiny and 1.5x Legend Rates!

For the next week we have activated increased Shiny and Legend rates for you all to enjoy. We also hope to be doing occasional drop parties, so make sure you're online!

A special event is coming very soon!

The 2020 PokeSkies Egghunt will begin this Wednesday, April 1st but not in the way we have in the past. Watch the announcement and events channel on our Discord over the next few days for more information.

Impending Seasonal Crate Updates!

The St. Patrick's themed Seasonal Crate will be leaving us very soon for a newer crate. Be sure to unlock your desired rewards before it leaves until next year!

We have also recently reached over 700 Discord members! We've started a giveaway in the giveaways and donor-general channels on our Discord!