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The long awaited Battletower revamp!


Oct 4, 2019
The time has finally come...

The Battletower revamp has been completed!
Containing 100 Floors of trainers created by @Hawnty, the tower is a difficult but rewarding challenge to take on. Spend BattlePoints you receive for defeating each floor at the Battletower Shop which contains a variety of items from Regi Key Pieces to Z-Ingots and Dragon Souls! Careful though, if you are ever defeated or forfeit a battle, you will be put on a 1 day cooldown until you can try again. However, feel free to teleport away from the current floor before fighting the trainer and return to it whenever you feel like it! /warp battletower

The first time you complete all 100 floors you will receive some extra prizes!
Subsequent completions will give other random prizes. - Eternal fame and glory - Exclusive Ribbon item - Master Ball themed Tag, Backpack, Pokemon, and Auras - Random Shiny Legendary, Rare Candies, Masterballs, and a Shiny Pokedoll

How many floors can you defeat before you lose? Can you defeat them all? Will you be the first?