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Updates, updates, updates!


Oct 4, 2019
Updates, updates, updates!

Pokemon Exchange is back!

We've re-enabled the Pokemon Exchange in the /gems menu! Many Pokemon had their prices changed and a few were added. Please give us feedback on the price changes in #suggestions!

Tournament this weekend!
A Galar Pokemon tournament has been scheduled for Sunday at 3pm CST. Check the #events channel for more information and sign-up!

Talent wanted!
Do you consider yourself a writer? Do you like telling stories? The PokeSkies Narrative team is looking for new members to assist with quests for the new region coming to the server. DM the Narrative Team Manager, @Clover [CloverEbi] for more information on the application process! Interested in becoming a staff member? Our applications are open at all times! Feel free to send an application in, but make sure they're very detailed. https://pokeskies.com/apply

Team changes!
- _Slacker_, Bxscuit, and StarWolf007 added as Helpers in training
- ThimoTD and Waffle4President promoted to Mod
- Lacyoreo and DxnnyInHell promoted to Sr. Mod
- _Kyouka has stepped down

Misc changes!
- Random teleport is re-enabled (/rtp)
- Shrine use has been enabled in other player's claims
- GTS has been re-enabled (/gts)
- Fixed some potential drops issues
- Updated the shopkeepers to add several new items and blocks + better categorization

And because you read this, there's a giveaway in #giveaways on the Discord!