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St. Patrick's Update!

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Oct 4, 2019
February's Top Players!

The top voter for the month of February was ward157 and the top donator for the month of February was BakedSnake888! They have both received a $20 coupon for our online store. Thank you to everyone for the continued support through donations and votes!

Vote-top was reset for the new month!

St. Patricks Day Crate!

A new crate will be released today (Friday) at 3pm CST. For a limited time, try your luck at the St. Patricks Day Crate and you might win a Shiny Ho-oh, Rainbow Ponyta, or a one of our custom special skins (made by Jakt)! http://shop.pokeskies.com/

Fun Fact: This is the 1st seasonal crate to be released for a second time!

St. Patrick's Day Tournament!

We have just posted a tournament event for next weekend in the events channel on our Discord Server. This tournament is revolving around green themed Pokemon. Please make sure to read all of the rules before you sign up!

Player Gyms Soon!

We have finally finished working on the brand new player gyms, a set of 8 gyms and 1 Champion Gym that will be run by players like you! We are currently waiting for gen 8 mechanics to be implemented in, but are looking for Gym Leaders. Apply here: https://www.pokeskies.com/pages/apply-for-leader/

Application Overhaul!

The application process has been completely reworked to be more detailed. Along with that we have also added in 2 new applications for the Creators and a new team described below!

We are currently looking for new helpers to join our team!

NEW Design Team!

A brand new team dedicated to anything related to special skins, particles, and more! We are currently looking for artists to fill these roles. If you are interested in applying for design team or any other team, click the link here: https://www.pokeskies.com/apply/
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